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Pe Disposable Oversleeves

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Superior quality supplies of Disposable over sleeves

PE Disposable Oversleeves Supplies in Sydney

Pharmpak offers you a great variety of disposable over sleeves supplies in Australia. Over sleeves are one of the major protective components when you deal with chemicals, food or other variants at a workplace. The over sleeve provides you with the desired protection against volatile chemicals and ensures you are not exposed to them. In the food industry, one of the most important considerations is the level of hygiene. It is important to ensure all the important elements of hygiene are regularly updated to leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor and ensure the optimum safety  and cleanliness at your premises. Disposable over sleeve supplies can improve the level of hygiene by covering the sleeve without covering the entire coat. They give sufficient protection to the wearer.

Here are some of the vital Characteristics of our Disposable Over Sleeve Supplies

  1. Easy to manage: The disposable over sleeve supplies are very easy to adorn or remove. They are strictly for the one time use only and should be disposed of immediately after their use. They are ideal for the healthcare environment, laboratories, factories, chemical plants, food outlets etc.
  2. Optimum protection: When you are working in a chemical plant or a laboratory you are more likely to come in contact with dangerous and sensitive chemicals and samples. Disposable over sleeve supplies can provide you with the desired protection with ease. They can also restrict the contamination of the sample and prevent splashes from entering beneath etc. They ensure that you stay secure at the workplace.
  3. Standard Size: Our disposable Over Sleeve supplies are available in a standard size. It fits everyone meticulously and adjusts according to the wrist area. The non-impervious over sleeve prevents entrance of any liquid or particle. They are highly recommended for those who frequently handle chemicals, food as well as wet tasks.

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It is not recommendable to re-use disposable oversleeves. Instead discard disposable oversleeves after use, to prevent any cross-contamination and help keep yourself and others safe.

Currently, we have only the one standard type of disposable oversleeves supplies available with us. That is suitable for most purposes. You can check our website for more detailed information.

Our Disposable oversleeves are made for single use only. The recurring use of disposable oversleeves can increase the chances of virus transmission and cross-contamination.

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