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Nitrile Gloves

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Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Our disposable nitrile gloves feature a unique comfort design that helps ensure our products fit like a glove. With an overall thickness, these gloves supply more dexterity and tactile sensitivity than standard industrial gloves, protecting both your hands and working environment.

Our disposable nitrile gloves supply superior comfort, agility, cut protection and sensitivity to touch. They are easy to put on thanks to their smooth inner surface; thanks to their powder coating – they are very flexible, soft, and comfortable; thanks to their grain pattern. They are highly tear-resistant; thanks to their antistatic properties – they are easy to clean. Gloves give a good grip in wet conditions. And are recommended for the following applications: work with chemicals, polymers, solariums, medicine, orthopaedics, food industries’ hygiene etc.

These disposable nitrile gloves are chemically engineered nitrile powder-free examination gloves with textured fingertips for a secure grip. They are expertly designed to protect the wearer from bodily fluids, pathogens, bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials without sacrificing sensitivity or dexterity. With a guaranteed seal and textured fingertips to ensure a secure grip, these gloves keep you safe–from bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials.

Importance Of Gloves

Gloves are thin protective items that people can directly touch, helping them overcome physical obstacles and make their lives more convenient. They are made of latex, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, polyester fibre, cotton fabric, leather, etc.; some are soft, some are rough. There are rough gloves for general work; you can choose the glove type, some are insulated with elevated temperature or anti-cold materials for some particular work. Gloves live in various positions every day. Therefore, the quality of gloves is closely related to the quality of life.

Why PharmPak?

We have years of experience in gloves, which always keeps us ahead of the trends. Today we have a professional glove designer whose existence is to solve the problem that our customers may face. Our gloves are for workers who need protection and functionality; we use only the best materials and sophisticated technology. These disposable nitrile gloves keep hands safe and help you get the job done.

Meet Us

If you own a factory or work in the healthcare sector, you will often find yourself looking for disposable nitrile gloves that match your expectations, and that’s when you pick a cell and call us. You may reach out to PharmPak by calling 02 7807 7528, and we are located at 20 Rowood Rd, Prospect, NSW 2148.

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