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Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves

Latex intolerant? Get Vinyl Gloves at best prices

Pharmpak brings you the best alternatives for latex hand protection. Vinyl glove supplies are so popular in the market at present. These disposable products have a lot to offer if only you are willing to reap the benefits. Buy them today at best prices from us without much hassle. We have stocks for both powder and powder-free gloves.

Vinyl gloves supplies are affordable

Latex products are expensive and many people have allergic reactions to them. As a popular substitute, vinyl gloves are less expensive. Thus, you can buy a lot of them and pay less at Pharmpak. These contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Powder-free gloves have less chance to cause irritation or allergy. We have taken extra care to make sure you will never have a problem wearing them. We supply gloves of different thicknesses and sizes and always have them in stock. Let us know your requirement and we shall assist you in purchasing the right vinyl gloves supplies. Place your order now.

Get the Right Fit and Perfect Protection

We have manufactured gloves that give you the right fit for your hand. Disposable gloves are flawlessly suited to ensure protection and sanitation. All our products pass through a number of tests to validate perfect conditioning and detect manufacturing faults. We recommend thicker gloves for better durability and safety. The best part is you can experience sensation along with protection with these gloves on. We have stock for all sizes ranging from small to large and even extra-large. What size fits you? Pharmpak has got everything covered.

Undoubtedly, vinyl glove supplies are the best option and much more affordable than other non-latex gloves. If you opt for bulk purchases from us, you are going to save a lot more. Hence, without having any second thought, get in touch with us today. Fill your supplies and save money at the same time.


Our vinyl gloves supplies are available in both forms of powdered and non-powdered form. The powdered gloves have a coating of cornstarch, which makes it easy to don the glove. Powdered gloves are often preferred due to their ability to absorb perspiration. However, if you are working in a medical facility or a laboratory it is highly recommended to opt for powder-free vinyl gloves as it reduces the chances of cross-contamination which occurs due to dispersion of powder.

Yes, powder-free vinyl gloves can be used for food handling. Pharmpak offers you an extensive range of Vinyl Glove supplies to ease your daily operations.

Vinyl Gloves are made from Polyvinyl Chloride Plastisol. They have a smooth texture and are very easy to wear. Whereas Latex gloves are made from rubber Latex. They are comfortable to wear and are more biodegradable than vinyl gloves. Vinyl Gloves are more cost-effective than latex Gloves however some people can be allergic to latex.

It is advisable to restrict your exposure to powder while donning Vinyl Gloves. This will help to reduce the chances of any allergy contraction. Pharmpak offers you some of the best and superior quality Vinyl Glove supplies at the most affordable price.

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