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Sticky Tapes Supplies in Sydney

PharmPak Provides Sticky Tapes Supplies Sydney

PharmPak is one of the leading suppliers of sticky tapes in Sydney specifically for craft, hula hoops, scrapbooking, education, fishing, calisthenics, gymnastics, and therefore show business. Our variety includes colour-changing, holographic, glitter, sequin, novelty, gaffer, vinyl, electrical, duct, and also glow-in-the dark tapes. You can search our stock for tape by type or by colour. To find the dimensions that are right for your plan, use the sink menu for every tape before continuing it into your sack.

At PharmPak (incorporating sticky tapes supplies) we supply companies and end-users with a good range of professional sticky tapes and common packaging equipment. As a corporation, we import a good range of specialised adhesive products and deals for several of the main tape companies including Tenacious Tapes and Tessa Tapes. We also stock a good range of common packaging supplies from companies like Integrated and Polycell Packaging.

We take pride in the very fact that we provide a wide range of goods, including dual and single-sided sticky tapes, protecting fabrics and tapes, construction adhesive, protective wrapping, and sealants, warehouse products, abrasives, and even machinery like sealers and wrappers. In fact, regardless of what kind of packaging goods you need, we’ll almost certainly have them. Our stocks are very handy, and thus cater to a wide range of business applications. Over time, we’ve serviced firms that specialise in glass, blinds, and curtains, doors, and windows, shop fitting, construction, media, and advertising, safety and warehousing, signage, and displays just to mention a few.

If you’re trying to find sticky tape supplies in Sydney, we are your ideal partner. Our capability to supply adhesive products that meet customers’ requirements leads to an exceptionally quick delivery that is highly competitive.

If your company deals in items that must be packed, you can find it with us, the best sticky tapes suppliers in Sydney.  Contact us today!


No, the stick tapes won’t leave any residue or stain when removed. Our sticky tapes supplies in Sydney are made from superior quality materials. We use some of the best adhesives to ensure no stain or residue is left after its removal.

Yes, our Sticky tapes supplies in Sydney are laminated and hence are waterproof. They can also resist sunlight for long, making it great for multiple use.

Yes, our sticky tapes supplies in Sydney can be used to seal and close cartons. These tapes consist of near permanent bonds that reveal if any tampering is done to the carton or box. The coloured residue left behind post the removal of such stick tapes will help you identify tampering, mishandling and theft. Such marks signify that the carton is previously open and maybe the products are tampered with too.

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