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Plastic Bags

Disposable Plastic Bags in Sydney

Plastic bags are one of the key elements required to ensure the smooth functioning of most businesses, especially when you deal with consumer goods. They are widely used for packing things and as garbage bags too. Pharmpak offers a wide range of super quality plastic bags in Sydney. These polyethylene bags are made from the finest raw materials and comply thoroughly with all Australian Standards. Pharmpak is one of the leading suppliers of plastic bags in Sydney and across Australia. Our bags are widely used for several applications including packing items to dustbin liners. These plastic bags conveniently serve all your purposes.

Here are some of the characteristics of our plastic bags:

  1. Quality : At Pharmpak, we provide complete quality assurance to our customers. Our team of experts strives to maintain and upgrade the quality of our products. All our products undergo three levels of testing to ensure they meet all quality standards prescribed by the Australian government and provide utmost comfort to the user. Their sanitary grade makes them ideal in pharmaceutical businesses.
  2. Various Size options : We believe in providing great flexibility to our customers. Our plastic bags in Sydney are available in several size options. You can choose the desired one based on its use.
  3. Multiple uses : Plastic bags are widely preferred worldwide due to their great mobility and adaptability. You can use them easily for multiple applications without many efforts. Food grade, you can use them to carry tablets, pills, and powder. Pharmpak plastic bags aim to satisfy all the needs of our customers and therefore they are cleverly designed to serve multiple purposes efficiently.
  4. Cost-effective : Plastic bags are cost-effective solutions especially to store and pack things. They are highly useful as garbage liners. These reasonably priced plastic bags in Sydney have made their mark in the market due to their flexibility and quality.

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Yes, you can use biodegradable plastic bags in Sydney. Using Biodegradable bags will allow you to contribute your bit for mother nature while serving your customers. Our biodegradable bags are made from the finest biodegradable cellulose fibres and can be recycled as well. If you have any query or specific requirement about biodegradable bag you can get in touch with our team for more information.

Opting for biodegradable plastic bags in Sydney can help you to reduce the impact of plastic on our environment. You can look out for several eco-friendly bags options offered by us. If you have any query or specific requirement you can get in touch with our team for more information.

A lot of elements one should consider while buying plastic bags in Sydney some of these include material type, size, shape, bag handles and much more. These elements are of vital importance while buying plastic bags for your business. In depth information of these features can aid you in making a well-informed decision.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is strong, durable, and tear resistant. They can be made from recycled materials. The thickness of HDPE bags ranges from 15 microns to a maximum of 70 microns. You can choose an apt HDPE plastic bag in Sydney as per your preferences at PharmPak.

Yes, it widely using for food and pharmaceutical business
It is food grade.

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