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Lab/Dust Coats

Disposable Lab and Dust Coats in Sydney

Safety is of prime importance! It is essential to take care of all the safety measures and precautions at a medical facility or lab. A perfect disposable dust coat in Sydney can help you to improve productivity and limit the chances of any accidents or mishaps. Pharmpak offers you a wide range of disposable dust coats in Sydney. These dust coats are made from the finest quality materials and meet all quality standards.

Here are some of the advantages of our disposable dust coats in Sydney:

  • Limits flammability and prevents chemical mixtures: Spills are very common in a lab. There are many instances where lab workers need to work with volatile chemicals. They have to regularly deal with spills and mixing of dangerous chemicals. It becomes a little difficult to handle these chemicals without causing harm to oneself. The risks are high. A disposable dust coat is a great option to solve this problem. They are fire-resistant and help to reduce the chances of accidents and mishaps.
  • Contagions: Dealing with samples of bodily fluids are major risk factors in a lab. Unless the sample is tested it is uncertain to know what hazard the sample contains. There are many instances where contagious or risky samples are sent to the lab for experiment and testing. Wearing a disposable dust coat can reduce the chances of contact with the sample and provides enhanced protection and increased sanitation.
  • Contamination: It is essential to ensure zero contamination of samples at all levels. A fabric coat may contain remains of detergents, bleach or fabric softener. The chances of the same while wearing a disposable dust coat is less. A disposable dust coat does not contain any risk of contamination. It provides more safety, hygiene, and freedom from contamination.

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Yes, we can process urgent orders speedily. If you have an urgent order for Disposable dust coats in Sydney get in touch with our team. We shall try our best to process your order as soon as possible.

Yes, our Disposable dust coats in Sydney provide the desired protection from germs as well as dust. The superior quality material and modern make of these coats ensure to shield you against germs and bacteria.

No Disposable dust coats in Sydney are made for single use only and cannot be washed or reused. One needs to discard them after use.

We have three variants for Disposable dust coats in Sydney. They are available in three colours: white, blue and orange. You can choose the desired one based on your likes and preference. The specification, measurement and material type of all the variants of disposable dust coats are industry standard.

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