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Protective Shoe Covers

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Protective Shoe Covers

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A dirty shoe is a breeding ground of disease-causing bacteria. You may not believe this, but research indicates that it contains around a million germ cells. Are you wondering how many times you have used your hand in putting those shoes on and did not sanitise your hands later? Well, now you know what makes you fall ill so frequently. The solution is right here. Buy protective shoe covers from Pharmpak and say goodbye to those tiny, nasty living cells.

Shoes in Sports bags? A big NO!

A lot of people tend to put shoes in sports bags or gym bags while travelling. They simply don’t see the threat they are exposing themselves to. You got to stop right there. Protective shoe covers will keep your footwear in great condition and protected. After all, shoes protect your feet and you have to protect them as well. At Pharmpak, we sell all kinds of protective shoe covers at the best possible rates. Disposable covers have become popular with many customers. Get them today without much delay.

If you want something more durable, choose plastic covers. They last longer and hence cost you a little more than the disposable ones. However, the rates at which we sell these products are highly affordable. Other options available are rubber shoe covers. Check our website to browse through all these amazing products.

The right fit for every foot

Finding the right size is super easy. All sizes and types are available. All protective shoe covers are flawlessly manufactured, packaged and stored. These are clinically tested and approved by certified entities. To get perfect protection and utmost comfort, get both types and pay less. Visit Pharmpak and buy a protective covering for your shoes. Keep off germs and increase the longevity of your footwear.


Yes, the protective shoe covers are non-slip. The shoe covers have a non-slip resistant sole that helps prevent slipping.

It is very easy to remove these protective shoe covers. All you need to do is just put on the sock, place the foot through the ankle hole, and pull on the shoe cover from the large cleat hole. One needs to pull the cover over the heel and then to the toe. It is advisable to check that no part of the shoe cover is over cleats, heels or pads.

The cleaning of these protective shoe covers is very easy. You can just wipe them with the help of a wet cloth or rinse them in the running tap water. Note: Do Not Wash protect shoe covers in the washing machine.

Yes, the protective shoe cover may fit over your work boots, However, you must ensure that the size of your shoe cover is larger.

Our protective Shoe Covers can last quite a long time. It is imperative to follow the instructions carefully and take the utmost care while wearing and removing the same.

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