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Industrial Hairnets/Beardnets

Industrial Hairnets/Beardnets

Get the best quality disposable beard net in Sydney

Pharmpak supplies the finest quality disposable hairnet and beard net in Sydney for industrial and commercial use. Our disposable hairnets in Sydney are highly preferred by most of the industrial units and food outlets to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene at a workplace is of prime importance it not only ensures a favourable work environment but also reduces the chances of any contamination during work. Pharmpak offers you a wide range of hairnets exclusively made to provide you with the desired comfort during work.

Some of the advantages of our hairnet and beard nets are given below:

  • Lightweight: Our disposable beard net in Sydney is made from the finest quality materials and is sure to provide you with the desired comfort while your employees are at the factory site. The ergonomic design of our disposable hairnet and beard net makes it very easy to adorn or remove as per the convenience.
  • Provides desired protection: Our disposable hair net provides you with efficient protection against any product contamination. It helps to keep the hair out of eyes while working and decreases the chances of contamination. It helps to increase productivity at the workplace.
  • Mesh Material: Our disposable hairnets in Sydney are made from disposable mesh material and are thoughtfully designed to adjust as well as stretch over the head.
  • Cost-effective: Our disposable hairnet and beard net are cost-effective solutions for those who prefer the utmost hygiene and protection at their workplace. The easy to dispose of hairnet can be worn or removed easily.

Pharmpak is one of the leading suppliers of disposable hairnet in Sydney. We make all our products from the finest quality materials and we comply with all the Australian standards. The hairnet and beard net is available in several colour options. The fire retardant disposable net ensures complete safety and containment free environment at the site.

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No hair nets are easy to adorn and remove while mob caps are harder. Our disposable hair nets are ergonomic and made from breathable material.

No, our Hairnets and Beard Nets are made from non-recyclable materials and they cannot be recycled. They are meant to dispose of after single use.

Our wide range of hair nets and beard nets ensure ultimate hygiene at all levels and helps keep the work area hair-fee.

Bouffant hairnet weight is heavier, packing round, 5g roughly each
Crimped hairnet is thinner, two elastic still good quality, 5g each roughly.

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