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Premium Quality Disposable Aprons Supplies

Looking for disposable apron supplies? Well, your search ends here. Pharmpak is one of the leading disposable aprons supplies in Australia. Our disposable aprons are made from standard quality material and meet all the Australian Standards optimally. While an apron might concoct images of kitchens and baking, our disposable aprons are suited for a wide array of industries: kitchens, bakeries, aged care, chemists and health care.

At Pharmpak, we give special emphasis to the quality of our products and ensure they are crafted with utmost perfection. To keep you and your team well protected.

 Some of the striking features of our disposable apron supplies are given below:

  1. Ergonomic design: Our disposable apron supplies are crafted with the utmost care and attention. The ergonomic design of our disposable apron supplies makes it easy to wear or remove the apron or allied products.
  2. Lightweight and breathable: Our apron supplies such as earplugs, raincoats or over sleeves are made from lightweight materials and do not cause any discomfort to the wearer. A worker can go about their duties at work while wearing our apron supplies. The breathable material of our disposable apron and allied products enables you to feel comfortable while at work.
  3.  Hygiene and contamination: Our apron supplies are apt for all types of PPE applications be it commercial outlets or industrial units. These aprons ensure full-length protection. The fluid-resistant apron supplies do not let any fluid or grit to litter your clothes. It acts as a shield by offering an enhanced level of hygiene and protection. The disposable apron supplies are perfect where fluid-impervious protection is of topmost priority.
  4. Great Coverage: The disposable aprons ensure full coverage. They are made from soft material and do not cause any discomfort to the wearer.

Pharmpak brings to you exclusive disposable apron supplies that cater to your various needs and provides you with optimum protection at the workplace.

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