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Disposable Food Containers

Plastic Food Container and Food Packaging Tray Sydney

Looking for Food Plastic trays? 

Many small as well as large food outlets are always in the hunt for quality and reliable food trays. And these days, food plastic trays are the perfect fit for these criteria. But it’s not always easy to find a place which can offer you these containers in bulk and at affordable rates. Well, your search ends at Pharmpak. We are one of the leading food packaging supplies providers in Australia. 

Pharmpak offers you a wide range of plastic containers and trays ideal for various food that are meant to meet the varied requirements of our patrons. Our products are a suitable solution for those who prefer bridgeable and recyclable packaging supplies. Our products are easy to dispose of and come in varied sizes, shapes, and patterns. Our range of food trays includes plastic trays ideal for food, snack boxes, burger boxes, and dinner boxes.

Our food-grade plastic trays are made from the finest quality material and cater to the specific needs of our clients. 

Bespoke Food plastic Trays

The demand for consumer food and beverages is increasing with each passing day. The expectations and needs of consumers are ever-changing and climbing roofs. It has become necessary for restaurants, takeaway providers, and food joints to stay updated with the latest food packaging practices and introduce newer methods for food packaging. Food plastic trays are highly popular for their ease of use, sealing properties, sturdiness, and ability to withstand any conditions. Food plastic trays are one of the best ways to pack food/beverages and attract customers. 

Here are some benefits of using our food plastic trays for packaging:

Ergonomic Design: All our products are handpicked by our team of experts and provide great convenience. They are specifically made to serve the varied purpose of our esteemed clients and patrons. Our food plastic trays are apt for all restaurants and takeaway food outlets.

Customizable: Branding is very crucial and must be given due consideration at all times. Pharmpak allows you to customize and brand the food plastic tray with your brand initials, logo, and much more. Our food boxes and packaging supplies are available in brown corrugated material and can be customized as per the requirement.

You can increase the visibility of your outlet and attract customers with our tailor-made food trays. Many brands want to rebrand or add a little bit more to their packaging on a regular basis and with our plastic food trays, you can easily do that. 

Easy to handle: One of the greatest advantages of using food plastic trays is the flexibility that it offers. Our Food trays are extremely easy to handle and do not require much space. You can easily stack them or store them, even in a limited space. They are available in a selection of sizes, shapes, and colour options. You can choose the desired one based on your preferences and business requirements.

Lightweight: Food plastic trays are extremely lightweight. This is one of the greatest reasons why they are highly preferred by many restaurants and fast-food establishments in the country. Be it a food plastic tray or a beverage cup, they are easy to manage and do not demand much storage space as well. You can easily stack them up and store them. 

Multipurpose: At Pharmpak, we constantly strive to offer products that meet the varied requirements of our clients optimally. Our food plastic trays can be used for almost anything. You can use them as dinner boxes, snack boxes, or take away boxes too. These tray boxes can also be used for fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, ready to eat food and finger foods. We also provide the customised packaging solutions as per the requirement. 

Moisture retaining: Our food trays are made from the finest quality food grade paper. It is known for its moisture-resistant and heat-retaining capability. They are perfect to serve food in food trucks, casual restaurants, and takeaway. PP or PE material is used for producing these packaging as they are most hygienic.

Survive extreme conditions: Our food plastic trays are robust, and they can handle extreme cold or hot temperatures. They do not degrade the quality of the food and preserve its integrity very well. 

Kraft Food Plastic tray is an apt food packaging solution. It provides great flexibility to the user and meets all the requirements of food outlets. They are rigid, sturdy, and ideal for delivering food to your customers. The fitting size and shape of these boxes make them highly desirable. Our compostable food plastic trays are available in standard and regular size.

Pharmpak has over one decade of experience in this industry. We have some of the best-corrugated and plastic packaging solutions at the most affordable price. 

Our constant endeavour to provide superior quality, food packaging supplies makes us different and the most reliable supplier in the industry. Give your business branding a distinct edge and offer more convenience to your customers with our specialized food packaging solutions. Connect with us now!


The minimum order of Kraft Food Boxes for packaging is 200 pcs. However, this may change depending upon the product type. We have more than five varieties in the Kraft food box category. Visit our product page to know more.

We will immediately process your order as soon as you place it. However, the delivery and processing of order may depend on several factors such as availability of stock, the quantity of order and more.

The production time of packaging of Kraft food Boxes is usually 3-5 working days. However, this depends upon the quantity of your order as well as material availability.

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