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How to protect yourself and everyone else from coronavirus (Covid-19)

How to protect yourself and everyone else from coronavirus (Covid-19)

by | Aug 13, 2021

Be Safe and Tackle Coronavirus

It’s 2021 and still the most talked-about topic not only in Australia but across the globe. New variants of the SARS-CoV-2 respiratory virus are emerging at an alarming rate. And experts suggest that these variants are more deadly than their predecessors. Thus, one should do everything one can to avoid contracting the coronavirus by all means. As they say – prevention is better than cure. But when it comes to Covid-19, one can say that prevention is much better than its cure. 

And at Pharmpak, we believe this statement and have etched its significance deep in our hearts and memories. And we also believe that we as a collective can defeat the virus in its entirety and can extinct it from planet earth. We just need to hang in there and follow the rules and regulations laid down by the health governing bodies and government organisations. Luckily in Australia, we have the government and the health regulatory bodies working in strong cohesion to push back the coronavirus and its impact on the social and economic strata of the country. 

Measures To Keep You & Your Family Protected Against Coronavirus 

Right now, the vaccines have been rolled out. And experts believe that together with vaccines and precautionary measures, we can combat this respiratory virus effectively. Remember, the goal is to drive the virus out to extinction, not just diminish it. To help you take part in this noble cause saving humanity, we have printed out a few critical measures for you. We suggest (as per the health guidelines) following them strictly so our families, friends and communities can breathe safely in the outside world again. 

Maintain Good Hygiene

It seems simple, right, but it’s one of the most important measures one should take to tackle the onslaught of Covid-19. You should wash your hands properly, whenever you can. If you have recently touched someone, then you should do it without fail. Because you don’t want to contract the virus, do you? You can buy medical-grade sanitisers, hand washes and soaps in the market easily, and they are readily available at every corner of the street. 

So, wash your hands with these products now and then. It will do a world of good to you and the people around you. That’s pretty conveniently healthy, isn’t it? Well, it’s the first step towards stopping this pandemic. 

Keep Social Distancing

Another way to keep the virus at bay is by maintaining a good distance between you and the person next to you. Yes, it seems pretty awkward to walk and talk with others while keeping a safe distance. But that’s what we all have to do, as a society, to bring down the numbers of daily coronavirus cases. So, better keep a safe distance when you are out in public. 

Besides, you will see the arrangements done by authorities around the country to maintain social distancing at all times. You can see small circles on the pavements around numerous buildings, social places, restaurants, and cafes! So, we believe that you wouldn’t encounter any difficulty in following this measure whatsoever! 

Avoid Public Gatherings 

Lockdowns are a common thing now, and people are at times, frustrated and even disgruntled. But there’s no other way around this pandemic. We have to adapt to these frequent lockdowns as they are enforced regarding public health safety and concerns. So, we have to avoid social gatherings at public places and even avoid large gatherings at our private properties. After all, it’s a collective effort, and we all have to pitch in for a better future! 

Therefore, you should avoid hosting any events that can attract a large crowd. Similarly, if you do arrange any social event, keep the number to a minimum and make sure that sanitisers and thermal temperature guns are available at the event, 

Wear Your Mask Properly

Nowadays, you will see almost everyone with a mask on. But not everyone wears these face masks properly, and such mistakes can cost you later big time. So, make sure to buy masks for you and your family members and replace them whenever they are deemed unusable. You don’t want to wear a mask that doesn’t inhibit the virus while visiting the local supermarket, do you? And you can easily buy masks for cheap at the nearest medical clinic. There’s no shortage of them in Australia and at Pharmpak, you can order! 

Moreover, you can wear other protective gear to add a greater level of safety by using gloves, medical gowns and coveralls. These are available at Pharmpak at affordable rates as well! 

Clean The Surfaces Around You 

Yes, it may sound overkill, but that’s what we have to do. To ensure that there are no germs on any of the surfaces around us, we have to clean them regularly. You can start with your electric devices, door handles, toys, and other stuff you touch and repeatedly handle throughout the day. The coronavirus can remain active on these surfaces, and therefore, it makes sense to clean them and wipe the dirt off them as many times as possible. 

One can use alcohol wipes that are recommended to use while cleaning the surfaces around us with these alcohol wipes and can disinfect the various surfaces and objects around you. You can order these highly recommended products in bulk at Pharmpak, we have great offers on them! 

A Few More Steps

We believe that we have covered almost every key measure that one should take until this point on this blog. However, there are a few more things that you and everyone around you can add here while still living under this pandemic. 

  • You should consult with your doctor if you feel any of the symptoms related to Covid-19 without fail or delay. 
  • Isolate yourself properly if you do have those symptoms. 
  • Get yourself vaccinated and encourage your family to take their vaccine as well!

We at Pharmpak are always dedicated to serving the Australian community, as we can come out of this pandemic with a concerted effort. Visit our website and browse through all the covid-19 essentials today. Our prices for coveralls, masks, sanitisers, and alcohol wipes are low, and we deliver them across Australia! 

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