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Is this an Australian Based Business?
Yes, we are a new Australian business based in Sydney, NSW. We are a branch of the distributor AusPacific Group.
What products to you sell?
We specialize in desiccants, bottles, gloves and other products used in manufacturing. However, we sell to anyone and can provide any type of product upon request. Additionally, we have a range of products that can be customized to meet the individual preferences of businesses.
Do the products have the necessary certifications?
The manufacturers that we work with all have certifications from a variety of organizations – they are available upon request. All our products are subject to stringent quality control protocols and comply with international standards.
How does direct sourcing from overseas work?
Instead of buying the products wholesale, you can buy the products at manufacturer prices from our factory. However, the products will take on average 4 weeks to arrive and you will also need to pay for documentation and shipping. Amount is roughly $4,000 in total.
How does bartering work?
You get the products at huge discounts or even for free. In return, you need to provide us with something roughly equivalent to the value of the goods we give to you. They may include office/warehousing space, labor, services, etc.
Can you provide products to customers in states/territories other than NSW?
We currently have customers located all over Australia, so it is not a problem if you are located anywhere in Australia. We are more than happy to work with customers located in any state or territory.
How competitive are your products?
Our products are on average 20 – 30 % lower than our competitors. If you’re not satisfied with our products, we provide a full refund including postage and handling fees.
Can any of the products be customized to fit our needs?
For many products, we provide personalised designs – They include size, shape, colour and logo. Both the design and sampling of the customized products is free.
Can you provide samples?
We can provide free samples to customers located all over Australia.
How reliable are your services?
We believe in providing the best service and work towards a Win-Win situation with our customers. Our staff can be contacted during normal business hours, and can also be contacted on their mobile phones after business hours.
Do you provide after-sales service?
There will always be a dedicated relationship officer/manager, assigned to each customer, to answer any questions or concerns.
Do we need an account to order?
No. Creating an account is optional for ordering. However, if you have an account, you will not need to re-type your shipping details every time you order and you’ll be able to view your purchase history.
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