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7 tips to save your lives during the Covid-19 pandemic

7 tips to save your lives during the Covid-19 pandemic

by | Aug 16, 2021

Keep the Covid Away With Some Essential Tips

Now that one year has gone by since the breakout of Covid-19 across the globe, we have learned many things during this period. Lockdowns have become a regular thing, and vaccines are rolled out across the country. Not only has SARS-CoV-2 impacted the social lives of millions of people in Australia, but it has significantly dented the economy as well. Masks using sanitisers and alcohol wipes have become a big part of our social lives. We can’t imagine our days to begin without using at least one of the essentials mentioned earlier. 

It is said that many people have become tired of wearing masks, keeping social distance, and following all the other strict guidelines. And we don’t blame them, it’s natural to feel disgruntled due to lack of freedom and the inability to breathe fresh air. Yes, it’s not convenient, but it’s the only way to combat this deadly spread. You don’t want to lose your loved ones and neighbours to this airborne disease, do you?

Although a mass vaccination drive has kicked in across the country, it’s essential to achieve herd immunity as well. Humans as a collective are aiming to eradicate the virus from the face of the earth and not just trying to reduce the cases. That’s why you and your family should keep following the guidelines laid down by the health authorities, and we aim to extinguish the virus in itself! 

Tips to keep you and your family safe during this Covid-19 pandemic

Earlier, we talked about herd immunity, but as of now, we are nowhere close to it. One indicator for this claim is the rising cases of coronavirus patients in Australia that are being reported every new day. No wonder the Australian government has decided to impose new lockdown orders across the country to curb the spread as soon as possible. 

Being responsible citizens of this wonderful country down under, we all have to contribute to this fight. So, here are our seven tips that you should follow while going about your daily life in Australia! 

Avoid going near crowds.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, some people have followed social distance whereas some have not. And as soon as the previous lockdowns were lifted, people started to gather around crowds in hundreds and even thousands. We understand that being restricted inside the house for several months has played a big role in this. However, we can’t simply afford to gather around crowds, can we? Certainly not, especially when the delta variants and other variants are popping out everywhere across the world. 

So, the next time you visit any place nearby, remember to keep social distance at all times. You never know when someone with an infection may come in front of you. For such uncertain and unavoidable scenarios, your best bet would be to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and the next guy! 

Wear masks all the time

Masks have become a big part of our lives since the beginning of this global pandemic. You will hardly see people roaming around without their masks on. These face masks help us to prevent the droplets from our mouth into the air. Due to this, the risk of spreading or even contracting the Covid-19 respiratory virus drops significantly. No wonder health and safety authorities around the world highly recommend the use of face masks. 

But you shouldn’t just wear any mask that you find around the local market. You should go for medical-grade face masks and gloves for day-to-day use. And at Pharmpak, we have these products available at affordable rates. So, you can order anytime you want without worrying about the quality nor the quantity. Similarly, you can watch videos or read articles online on how to wear a mask properly! 

Don’t touch your mouth and nose too often.

It’s highly advisable not to touch your face in any manner whatsoever, especially when there’s a virus looming over our heads. This airborne virus can remain active on various surfaces, and you risk contracting the virus if you come in contact with these surfaces. And we know that coronavirus enters into one’s body through their nose and mouth in general. So, it’s better to avoid touching your eyes or mouth at least until we safely navigate out of this pandemic. 

Safety and prevention are much better than the cure, and we know that there’s no cure whatsoever in the case of coronavirus (as of now). So, the only option that remains is the one called PREVENTION! You can buy coveralls, medical-grade gowns, and face masks whenever you are out shopping for Covid-19 essentials. These are readily available at Pharmpak, so connect with us today! 

Regularly Wash Your Hands

We don’t have to state the obvious, do we? Keep washing your hands regularly and spread this habit to your loved ones and friends as well. Nowadays, you will find plenty of hand sanitisers in the market. So, make the most of them and buy a few bottles for your home to keep your family safe and healthy. Aside from sanitisers, you should also get some top-quality soaps that are effective against Covid-19. 

Regularly wash your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or sanitisers and keep the respiratory virus at bay!

Clean The Surfaces Around Your Home

Cleaning and disinfecting the surrounding is a crucial part of our battle against the pandemic and you can use alcohol wipes to clean the objects like phones, furniture, and other surfaces in your home. These are readily available at wholesale prices at Pharmpak. Besides, these alcohol wipes are disposable and, thus, highly convenient for everybody. 

Look out for symptoms.

Yes, the vaccines are out. But that doesn’t mean that we have eradicated the virus by any stretch of the imagination. So, we have to monitor the cases and treat patients immediately with high-risk symptoms. You should contact your medical professional right away if you notice one or more symptoms laid down by the WHO. 

Your doctor will examine your medical history and recommend the best course of action for your recovery. Remember, you can’t recover from the virus if you don’t get treatment for it. 

Don’t ignore your mental health.

Last but not least, take very good care of yourself. This pandemic has taken away a lot from us. No one has been able to escape the wrath of Covid-19. If you have some mental issues, talk to a doctor immediately. It’s already difficult to fight the loss of human lives, but it’s extremely painful for every one of us to fight the sadness that comes after. 

Consult with a medical professional immediately if you need any help, and when it comes to the supply of covid-19 essentials, leave it to us. Pharmpak is one of the leading and most reliable suppliers of masks, sanitisers, coveralls and many more products. So, call us now!

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